Patience With Vernon Gholston

Sitting in the stands Sunday wet and cold, my patience with Vernon Gholston seemed to wear a bit thin on a play where Cutler rolled out with Gholston in pursuit, who had Cutler dead to rights on his own two yard line.

Making that sack would have been a difference-maker in the game and it was a sack that you’d expect a 4.6 second 40-yard dashing linebacker to make, but he hesitated and it didn’t happen. I screamed obscenities that were lost in the cold November Rain. Said Mangini yesterday:

“He had a significant shot [Sunday]. You know, there were plays to be made. You know, his opportunities were based on his ability to make those plays … I think he needs to continue to improve.”

So where do we go from here? Same place we’ve been heading since the spring. With quality personnel ahead of him, I still think that there’s no reason to rush him.

He’s getting payed a lot of money? Big deal, that’s what the cap is about. Frustrated that they could have taken someone to impact the game this year? The Jets have used their high draft picks for need in the first two years of their reign, and this was the first real BPA pick they made in the first round. They were entitled to it with the work they did in free agency.

I am going to give the kid at least two or three full seasons before I pass final judgement. D’Brickashaw was panned for two years, and I spent that time pleading to stay judgement. Now with some other players around him, look at him now. His sack total has declined precipitously and his run blocking has roundly improved. People routinely complained that they wanted to see shutdown play and a mean streak from him, and now I see both in 2008.

I know it’s infuriating to live with the mistakes, reversals of fortune, and what-could-have-been plays, but give the kid more time, even if you do need to hurl epiphets into the sky come gameday. It’s going to click for him eventually.