Sanchez throws three interceptions in OTAs

So today was less than optimal for Mark Sanchez, per Connor Orr of the Star-Ledger.

[Sanchez] was picked off on an errant screen pass today by Damon “Big Snacks” Harrison during the team portion of OTA’s. Yes, Harrison is a 350-pound interior defensive lineman. Yes, these are exactly the kind of mistakes he’s hoping to avoid this season after leading the NFL in turnovers the past two seasons.

And yes, two plays later, following a draw and a false start, he tossed another interception, under-throwing Jeremy Kerley and leaving the ball wobbling in the air for Jaiquawn Jarrett to pick it off.

Brian Bassett,

Is this the improvement that Joe Namath was talking about? Yikes.

Throwing interceptions to Dame?  I love Big Snacks and all, but that’s pretty poor on Sanchez’s part.  Rather than watch Sanchez throw three picks, how about giving Greg McElroy a chance to throw one?