Idzik Gets Grilled

Amusing article from our friend Doug Farrar for Shutdown Corner as he observed the interaction with the New York media and their questions for John Idzik during his press conference on Thursday and all the questions they asked about Revis.

After an introductory question about the future of running back Shonn Greene, the Revis questions came thick and fast, despite Idzik’s attempts to deflect them with the standard “We’re not going to talk about…” response. Such NFL-speak does not go over well with the New York media — in fact, it tends to get trampled.

Brian Bassett,

Farrar then goes on to detail the questions and answers, and it’s a good read, so definitely check the link above.

We get that the reporters are trying to get the story and the quotes they need on the matter, but Idzik’s answers were congenial, but non-specific and so far he seems to be handling the media’s doggedness well.