Audible: What impressed you most about the win over the Falcons?

NFL: New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons

Six weeks into the season, the Jets have had two primetime games, but unless NBC flexes a late season Jets game, national football fans might have seen their last such primetime game.  Atlanta clearly is not the team that they were even a year ago, but Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez aren’t players any team can blithely look past.  Of course, Muhammad Wilkerson’s dominance on defense coupled with an electric, yet cautious rookie quarterback are making for a compelling storyline.  Assuming that was the Jets last primetime game?  What do you think about this team impressed national football fans the most?  Was it Wilkerson?  Was it the rookie Sheldon Richardson?  Was it Cromartie and the secondary holding Julio Jones to under 100 yards?  Was it Geno Smith’s calm play in the first half and the game-winning drive?

What impressed you most about the Jets win over the Falcons?