Coples: I Have To Do More

Jets Nation is abuzz now that Quinton Coples has been officially moved to the outside linebacker position. For his part, Coples has been diligently working on making the transition and recognizes he needs to step up to the plate and do more than he did his rookie year.

But when the Jets talked to Coples after they selected Sheldon Richardson, a prototypical defensive tackle, in last week’s draft, Coples was excited about what they told him. The selection would bump him outside to rush linebacker, a position Rex Ryan worked Coples out at, but one that he’s never played.

“I was working on it during the Draft process (last year) because I didn’t know what I was going to be coming in,” Coples said. “This transition has been good, I’m new to this but at the end of the day I’ve been working on it.”


“I definitely see I have to go out and make a lot more plays than I did last year,” Coples said. “I got a year of experience under my belt, I definitely think coming from the outside with my technique and things of that nature.”

Eric Weeks,

Recently, Coples has been working on his coverage skills and tackling in space, something he thinks will be the hardest part of his adjustment. Coples saw gradual improvement his rookie year and I believe he has all the tools to make a successful transition under the careful eye of Rex Ryan, a point Bent reiterated earlier today. It’s not uncharted territory for Coples but there is a lot of unknowns currently in play however, I commend his attitude and willingness to put the team first and do what he can to help turn heads this year.