GM Watch: Overnight Fallout

Brian Bassett ,

Ross the Boss? — Marc Ross might be the most sought after candidate this year and is getting a lot of attention from a number of teams.  Ross has interviewed with the Jaguars, Panthers, was reported that he would meet with the Jets and that the Chargers were also coming out east to interview him.  Ross has done a great job with Jerry Reese and Reese himself Still Ross is now in the midst of his interviews and it sounds like he might not even be the top guy anymore for the Panthers job (that honor might go to his Giants co-worker, David Gettleman), and then also how would he feel about working with Jim Mora who might have an edge in San Diego?

Kansas City Queue — Albert Breer reported Friday night that John Dorsey is the clear top candidate for the GM gig in KC, but obviously there is no signed deal at this point, so expect to see Dorsey in New York talking to Woody Johnson over the weekend.  That said, it looks like Tom Heckert won’t be coming to New York and is at least second in line in Kansas City and might be taking a job with the Chiefs with or without Dorsey.

Fallout in Cleveland — Chip Kelly and Mike Lombardi aren’t signed yet, but people in Cleveland seem to think that’s who will land in the coach and GM spot.  Mike Lombardi has been very outspoken about his dislike of Brandon Weeden in the past, so could the Browns start to turnover their quarterback spot again this season?  Point being, could the Jets snag a backup on the cheap if Cleveland starts a fire sale?

Mike Tice Still Looking — It looked like Mike Tice was going to get the Titans OC job for a minute, but that seems less likely now.  Should the Jets fire Tony Sparano and also Dave DeGuglielmo, would they be in the market for an established coordinator and/or line coach?  I’m not a huge fan of Tice, but he does have some NY roots …

UPDATE 7:26AM: Gamble Interviewing With Browns —  Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported on Twitter last night that the Browns have asked the Niners permission to speak with Tom Gamble.  While the Browns might have their GM and coach already lined up, talking with Gamble could be serious, or could be a formality to keep up the propriety of any Browns/Banner/Kelly/Lombardi conspiring.


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I really wish the Jets had gotten beckham and the giants had gotten Calvin Pryor...


Your comments about LT tells us all who your favorite player is and for me LT was the reason I became a Giants fan however the greatest player debate especially when comparing to other sports is more difficult.

In a game where quarterbacks are king it is difficult for me not to put a quarterback like montana, or payton, or brady before LT because a great QB can win you a super bowl but there are a lot of great defensive players on bad teams.

Also it is difficult to compare eras especially with all the rule changes that have made the game less physical.

My assessment of sports like basketball and football which have both changed the physical nature of the game is that players are bigger and faster overall now but less skilled. This being said it's hard to know what LT would be in this league today. He would probably get fined a lot.


interesting, its a team game when we are losing but when we win its all because of the qb and there goes all the credit, miraculous catches & a stout d beside the point.



FootBall is a Team Sport...

WR Beckham was 6-10... and that SUCKs !!!


ELI was a VICTUM of a PISS POOR GM !!!

who still DOESN"T understand that the O-Line is the most important Part of a WINNING Team.....

Mara completely VOID of LEADSHIP....


and Just Like LB Beason SAVED, REESE & FeWell in 2013,

the ONLY Job WR Beckham saved in 2014 was REESE's....

and REESE's ROSTER is 100% the PROBLEM,

2014 WR draft class was AWESOME,

perhaps the Best ever....

the NYG's would have been better off with this Draft:

1. LT/OG Z. Martin

2. OC W. Richburg

3. RB A. Williams

4. WR Martavis Bryant(10 games- 549yds / 8 TD's)


O-Line Grades - Pro Football Focus

LT- Beatty ( Rated 28th in the league & Lead the League in HOLDing Penalties)

LG- Richburg (-8.7) played OUT of Position ALL year.

OC- JD Walton (-11.4)

RG- John Jerry (-16.3)*******

RT- Pugh (-5.3)

TE- Donnell (-13.1)

the GIANTS where 30th in the League with 3.6 yds per rush.



in 2013, the NYG's where 7-9 with KillDrive's "BROKEN O"......

in 2014,



the GIANTS where...............6-10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


with 5 of those wins,

coming against the WORST Teams in the League....

... only the Texans had a winning record,

RB A. Foster, 46% of there offense didn't Play,

QB Fitzpatrick threw 3 INT's, and was Benched.....


and is still in a Downward Death Spiral.....


@Skookaloop actually eli cost us 4 games. He was horrible against san fran just throwing it right to the other team. He made a horrible throw in Dallas that would have been a td. Against Jacksonville his fumbles killed us. Against the Eagles he mest up the game winning drive before it started. Yes eli has improved but his clutch declined. Eli would have been really bad without beckham. Bryant wasn't that great he had numbers because he had Brown on the other side. Without Beckham we have one of the worst offenses in the league.


@Skookaloop @cole3244 Ya but what team has 22 guys on ir? Your 5 top fa signings are injured for over 4 games. I  think Reese built a pretty good roster going into the season. It was the lack of depth that killed them. You really can't blame them for every cb on the team getting injured.


@lagaresfamiliafan @Skookaloop ....

Yes ELI makes Mistakes...

Yes ELI threw 5 INT's in the SF game....

... and was the major reason for the Loss,

Yes ELI lost a Few Games.....

but the O-Line should be Fixed 1st... Period !!!

the most Important Asset is ELI----

fix the O-Line and the RUN game with Follow,

and for REESE to pass up a Future PRO-Bowl O-Lineman,

when Re-Building the O-Line is your GREATest NEED....

is Bad GMing.....

ELI doesn't need a 1st Round WR... IE. Cruuuuz

he Needs 1st Round Protection and RUN support....


@Skookaloop sorry, but you can't say the Giants would have been better off not picking Beckham! They can address the O-Line going forward and will have a WR that you could argue will be the best in the game. Martavius Bryant will be a nice WR in this league, but one that opposing defenses can gameplan for and take away. Beckham was the only WR worth anything on the field and defenses still couldn't take him away. Teams take away Dez & Calvin for stretches of games. Beckham is too quick and too versatile. He's a game changer! Fix the O-Line this year, and the Giants could have the top Offense in the game next year! easier said then done, I will admit, and I'm not sure what's out there via Free Agency, but if they can find at least an average - slightly above avg LT, and slide everyone else down a peg (Beatty to RT, Pugh to G, etc) they will be set. 


@lagaresfamiliafan @Skookaloop @cole3244

i already went threw the IR....

it's miss leading....

5 Giants where put on IR in Aug.

1-RB D. Wilson.. what a Joke, 1st rounder ???

2-Troy Kropog ???

3-Travis Howard ???

4-Marcus Harris ???

5-DB Cooper Taylor, 3rd string

3 Giants IR'ed in Sept

6-CB W. Thurmond

7-WR Jernigan .. 3rd string...LoL

8-Roger Gains ???

3 Giants in Oct

9-LB Beason, Injury Prone,

(was hurt in Training Camp in Aug.)

10-CB McBride, 3rd string

11-WR Cruz

2 Giants in Nov.

12-RB Cox, 4th string

13-RB Hillis, 3rd string, Injury Prone

14-CB Prince

6 Giants in Dec

the Season was already in the TANK

15- OG Adam Snyder, was only on the Team for 3 weeks.

16- Terrell Manning ???

17- LG Schwartz, was hurt in AUG, IR'ed in Dec.

18- KiWi

19- OG Brewer, 3rd String

20- DE R. Ayers

21- LB Jaquian Williams


Only 5 when you break it DOWN...

LG- Schwartz --- Hurt in AUG !!!

CB- Thurmound

CB- McBride

CB- Prince

WR- Cruz

DE- Ayers --- IR'ed in Dec

LB- Williams --- IR'ed in Dec

LB- Beason --- No Surprise


@Skookaloop @lagaresfamiliafan I thought the o line did a decent job at protecting eli. The only really bad game was the one against philly. With geoff schwartz healthy. You have Schwartz, Pugh, and Richburg that's not a bad start. Giants fans on this site are too greedy. I don't see how you could get a better pick than beckham in any draft. He can't be stopped. Martin is helped out by the other pro bowlers on the line. Beckham does everything himself. Any other team in the league (except Cowboys) would want Beckham over any player in that draft class. So what happens if the o line is fixed and eli has no one to throw to?

Frank D
Frank D

@Skookaloop @lagaresfamiliafan It's nice to know that every time I come back to this site, no matter how long I've been away, and Skookaloop will still be going nuts with his incoherent, misspelled rants.  It's kinda of comforting.  

Skook, while you're completely wrong, it's nice to keep hearing from you. 


Why are you so negative? Williams was placed on it a few weeks after his concision so add him to your important player list. Your top 5 fa guys Jennings, DRC, Schwartz, Thurmond, and beason. Jernigan would have helped a lot if he were on the field. Mcbride was doing very good before he was injured. Beckham out for 1st four games. Let's put this season behind us because next one should be better.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@lagaresfamiliafan @Skookaloop  Everyone has agendas.  To some, when they Oline played well, it was because the other team played bad, but when they were bad, no credit is given to the other team, it was the Oline's fault.

Eli played poor last year (2013), but that was Gilbride's fault.  nevermind the fact hat eli had some of his best offensive years under Gilbride.  Gilbride was the OC in 08 when they went 12-4.  Gilbride was the OC in 2011 when Eli threw for 4900+ yards and 29 TDs.  But Skook gives Eli, along with the running game (08) and WR talent (2011) all the credit, like they won in spite of Gilbride.

If they drafted Martin over Beckham, it wouldn't have improved the team by 4 wins.  And then after Cruz got hurt, and Eli was forcing passes to Randle, Preston Parker, and Kevin Ogletree, I wonder who Skook would've blamed?



LB- J. Williams was IR'ed on 12/16....

he played 9 games in 2014. Williams has been injury prone.

the GIANTS where 3-9, entering Dec.

the Season was already LOST !!!

LG- Schwarts was a Freak accident, But it happened in AUG, he was placed on the IR Designated to Return... REESE had Plenty of time to make a move... 

CB- Thurmond was a Bad Break.

CR- McBride was a Bad Break.

REESE's approach towards the RB's,

after having ZERO RB's mid 2013 season,

and forced to sign RB B. Jacobs off the Sofa, was SHAMFUL, and Amateur !!!

REESE 2014 solution was to ONLY carry 3 RB's on the 53, in 2014 !!!

RB- Jennings.. A+ FA.

RB- A. Williams... 4th Round Draft Pick Rookie.

RB- P. Hillis... HIGH RISK, INJURY Prone, concisions, only played 16 game ONCE in his 7 year NFL Career, ADD to this, the WEAK Run Blocking O-Line.... that REESE filled with TRASH Heap Players.... POOR Management.

WR- Jernigan is a Complete WASTE of TIME, undersized poor ROUTE runner.

LB- Beason HIGH RISK, Huge Gamble... Period.

...... REESE is a Average GM, in a ELITE Biz...


@Michael Frias @lagaresfamiliafan @Skookaloop

I NEVER said LT/OG- Z. Martin would =  a 10-6 season.

what i said was--- REESE's damage to the Roster will take 2 Drafts to FIX....

and it would be POINTLESS to Draft Defensive players EARLY in the 2014 Draft because FeWell is the PROBLEM, and there will be a NEW DC & SYSTEM in 2015. 

Since the O-Line is the BIGGEST Problem !!!

let focus on fixxing the O-Line 1st...

that a Strong O-Line will Protect ELI & help in the Running Game.... My 2014 Draft was:

1. LT/OG- Z. Martin

2. OC- W. Richburg

3. WR- Donte Moncrief ( Drafted by Colts)

4. RB- A. Williams 

5. TE / DT / DE

6. TE / DT / DE

7. WR / RB

.... i nailed 2, OC Richburg & RB William.

this Draft would Have Helped to Build CHEMISTRY on the O-Line, ASAP.....

Cut Bait on the OVER 30, Defensive Players,

and USE the " BEST SCOUTing in the NFL"

REESE & Marc Ross, to find sum FRESH Fast youth to Re-Build the D in the 2015 Draft.

2015 Draft could Focus on the D.

the FACT that REESE tried to FIX the WHOLE Team in 1 Draft, is a JOKE...

Remember, WR Beckham , OC Richburg & RB Williams, where ALL NYG ROOKIE OFFENSIVE STARTER's,

thats how depleted REESE Roster was !!!!!


@Skookaloop @Michael Frias @lagaresfamiliafan You can only get a beckham every 10-20 years. Yo can get a very good guard like martin every 5 years. If martin was a tackle then I might think about it, guard isn't as important now that 90% of the best pass rushers come from the inside. Also a guard can't lead the run game by himself. I guarantee you Martin wouldn't have been as impressive without Frederick and Smith. He wouldn't have been a pro bowler on this team. Giant fans are so greedy any of the other 30 teams in the league would prefer beckham over martin. You need to appreciate what you have. Without beckham we would have been horrible this year. Beckham gives this team hope. Without beckham this team is no one. Btw none of those guys were suppose to start. Injuries were the only reason they started. Reese didn't plan them to start. I think our scouting is great if we knew beckham was our guy and we also got devon kennard in the 6th round who has been great. Skookaloop please tell why you are so negative. Every comment I see is a negitave nasty comment. Are you a Jets fan? You definitely sound like one.