Jets kicker Nick Folk would like to return, but on a multiyear deal

Kicker Nick Folk has his best season as a Jet in 2013, hitting 33 of 36 field goals, with three from more than 50 yards and a career longest, at 54 yards. Folk’s clutch kicks helped determine the outcome in four wins (Tampa Bay, Atlanta, New Orleans, New England) for the Jets.

After year-to-year contracts, he believes now is the right time to seek out a multi-year contract. A contract he thinks he deserves and hopes is with the Jets, Folk told Jane McManus of ESPN NY on Monday.

“I think so,” Folk said. “I think I’ve done my part but if that’s what they want to do then that’s what they want to do. We’ll see what happens over the next couple months. I’d love to be here, love to be back. It’s a lot of fun to be here, to me it’s a great place to be.”

Folk, who was on a one-year deal worth $780,000, said the front office has indicated it would like to have him back, and that he would want to return as well.

“Yes, and I think it’s been a good year and I feel pretty strong,” Folk said. “It’s been conveyed to the Jets and been conveyed back that we both want to be back here and I’ll leave it at that.”

Brian Bassett,

Folk deserves whatever the best contract he can get. In 2013, he dialed in his mechanics and it went extremely well for Folk, who didn’t miss a single kick until mid-November.

If the Jets want to keep Nick Folk, they should be able to afford to do so and will have the cap space to do so. As Folk indicates to McManus in the article, it will come down to how the Jets value the position. Just yesterday, the third most accurate kicker in NFL history Robbie Gould scored a $15 million, four-year deal, with $9 million guaranteed. While it is unlikely that Folk would get the exact same contract, it is certainly a basis from which to work off for the Jets and Folk.

Looking at the average per year (APY) for kickers coming up as free agents in 2014, Folk should merit in the $2-3 million APY. Geno is coming around, as we saw at the end of 2013, but having a stabilizing force to put points on the board when drives stall helped the the Jets win four games in 2013. It would likely be worth the money in 2014 to invest in Folk.


Folk will probably start missing FG's once he gets an extension, and then you can't cut him without taking a hit, that's how life works

Brad Jerris
Brad Jerris

the difference between Gould and Folk is that Gould has been consistantly good over his whole career- always in the mid to high 80's in kicking percentage, average for career 86%, this past year 90%. Folk on the other hand has been averaged 77% the three previous years with the Jets and than this year 92%. Folk should be good with a deal thats 3-4 years for about 9-12 mil with 5-7mil guaranteed. He did have a great year, and im sure there will be other teams out there trying to steal him. Offer him something fair first or he will test free agency where someone can be desparate and overpay him.

Other guys to resign- Wilkerson 8mil/yr, Howard 4mil/yr, Harrison 4mil/yr, Colon 3mil/yr, Kerley 3mil/yr.

Cutting- Holmes, Cromartie, Sanchez

After resigning the above guys the Jets should still have around 25mil in cap space.

Go after the top Offensive Playmakers- thats Jimmy Graham(questionable if he will be available), and Eric Decker. Second Tier WR's Nicks, Golden Tate, Maclin, James Jones, TE Pitta- all have questions with health, size, or age- if price is right i will do it if the Jets cant land Decker or Graham.

Then defense- CB- need someone on the other side of Milliner- Cromartie was awful this year, injury and getting up there in age- think its time to move one. Top Young CB is Verner, then Sam Shields, then you have a bunch of veteran CB's- Grimes, DeAngelo Hall, Talib, Tillman, and i believe Ike Taylor will be cut too.

I would love to get an elite pass rusher like Orakpo- but i think the Redskins will be able to come to a deal with him or franchise him. The next best guy is James Worilds from steelers- first full year starting and had 8 sacks- steelers cap situation is not the best, hence why i think they will be cutting Ike Taylor. The other choice is Calvin Pace- had a great year, but he will be 34 next season, can he do it again? 1-2 year deal for Pace possibly.

My dream Off Season- Free Agency- resign our own(above), dont think graham will be on the market, so Decker 10-12mil, think Verner will be too expensive so Shields 7-8mil or Hall 3-4mil(shorter deal), Jason Worilds 6-7mil and/or Pace 3mil depending on cap space.

Draft- Best available offensive player first two rounds- rd 1- Ebron, Lee, Amaro; rd 2- possibly trade up for robinson, matthews, benjamin, sefarian-jenkins or stay put and go for adams, abbrederis, coleman, moncrief...; 3rd pick- safety, 4th pick shifty speed RB, 5th pick OL Depth, 6th pick CB..,

Iain Bartholomew
Iain Bartholomew

You can't pay the kicker more than the quarterback, that's nuts. Look how many 90% kickers there are this year. Should be able to get one for less than $1m per, whether it's Folk or someone else.

Mike DeRosa
Mike DeRosa

three years 7 million seems fine to me. That's about 5 million over the Vet average during that time. Should be enough. Unless some stupid team wants to give him four for 10 or something.


Forget the big deal but he does deserve at least a two year deal.