Report: Garrard Workout “Went Well”

Now after going to the Senior Bowl and the Combine and players readily available at many spots as teams release players, it seems that the the Jets are getting serious about adding some depth to the QB spot this spring to add competition for the starting job in 2013.

Brian Bassett,

Manish has ties to the Jacksonville area, so he would be on alert to any news around Garrard and the Jets, so stay tuned to what he has to say on the matter.

Beyond Garrard, the Jets have been linked with Brady Quinn and there’s running speculation with many others.  Garrard has a reputation as a quarterback with some ability to get out of the pocket, has a strong arm, but can have some accuracy issues downfield.  Since being released by the Jaguars on the eve of the 2011 season, Garrard used 2011 to have surgery on a herniated disc in his back.  Then in 2012, Garrard competed for the starting job in Miami, losing out during the summer after needing a preseason arthroscopic surgery and getting released by the Dolphins before he might have been ready to return to the field Week 2.  Again, this time on the eve of the 2012 season.

If healthy, Garrard could be a potential starting option for the Jets, but his presence by no means indicates that he would be the shoo-in starting QB.  I do wonder about his ability to run a West Coast offense though … I think his time in Jacksonville under Dirk Koetter had WCO elements, but might have had more Coryell foundations.  During his time as the starter in Jacksonville, it was not unheard of that Garrard would call out his offensive line or wide receivers for perceived bad play.  I can’t imagine that doing that in New York would go very well for him …  Of any of the Dolphins 2012 quarterbacks, I’d still like to see Matt Moore join the Jets, but since he’s still not a free agent, we’ll have to wait and see what the Jets do in that regard.  There’s not likely a huge market for Garrard, so as long as the Jets stay in touch with Garrard over the next few weeks, they could quickly pull the trigger if they feel something else better doesn’t come along.