Link: Namath to open renovated Hall of Fame

The NFL has been restoring and expanding the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio over the last two seasons and when it re-opens in August, Joe Namath will be on hand to help open it, according to the Associated Press.

“People will come from all over the country to have a great few days,” says the hero of the 1969 Super Bowl upset by the Jets over the Colts, a game that has a special place in football history — and in the hall. “The golden anniversary, with the addition of having renovated the Hall of Fame physically and having added some wonderful things for fans to take part in actively, and the memorabilia … “It will be the getting together of so many guys I have not been around for so long. This is something that’s never been done before, that many people in one sport together that are in the Hall of Fame.”

An estimated 130 former inductees are expected to be on hand for the event, the largest gathering of Hall of Famers in any sport by some margin and it’s interesting to see Namath given such a prominent role.

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