Mark Sanchez’s Partying Goes Viral

Eric Weeks,

Mark Sanchez is making headlines today, but not exactly for “football related reasons.” In a video captured by Terez Owens, Sanchez is seen with two other women drinking, smoking, dancing and exposing his posterior for the camera. The clip, which you can click here to see if you haven’t (Warning: Mark’s exposed gluteus maximus), originally appeared on the Vine account of one of the women, socialite Alana Kari, however, it was later taken down but not before being captured and uploaded to YouTube.

I’m not about to begrudge Sanchez for having a good time and enjoying himself before he begins what could be a career make or break season but, this was a poorly handled situation. Whether he was aware that the clip would be uploaded to Vine isn’t known, however, all parties should have used better judgment — especially Mark — when, if nothing else, it came to exposing himself to the camera.

He needs to understand that in New York, he is constantly living under a microscope. This is true now more than ever before because of his struggles the past two years, and antics such as this do not help dissuade the negative perceptions of himself and the team.

It’s worth mentioning that Rob Gronkowski attracted controversy in several similar incidents in the past including gallivanting around with adult actress Bibi Jones and commenting on the virginity of a current teammate. While the incidents did provide some tabloid fodder, Gronkowski didn’t receive anywhere near the amount of criticism Sanchez has. This comes as little surprise because there’s a double standard in play here.

All of this isn’t to say that Sanchez’s behavior should be excused — far from it. I just find it funny that somehow one man’s actions can be overlooked (see: Favre, Brett) or viewed as less damning than the others, when all deserve equal criticism for their unsavory behavior that was captured by the media. Anyhow, at the end of the day, Sanchez needs to be more aware of his surroundings and avoid technology if he feels the need to behave in a questionable manner for the sake of Jet Nation’s sanity.