On The Schneid: Week 5 – “Everyone In the Pool”

Daniel Marcus

So here it is the uber-redundant second installment of “On The Schneid” where we decide, which Jets players need to get their “you know what” together for this week’s game. After three weeks of mostly ugly football, while losing their best offensive and defensive players, it took a lot of thought and deliberation as to who would make this week’s list and our decision may or may not surprise you:

Nick Mangold said it best


Yep, it should come as no surprise given last week’s performance that this entire team from the top down has to get off the Schneid and they could not have picked a worse opponent to do it against. Arguably the best team in football, the Houston Texans is coming back to Metlife for a Monday night tilt in front of a national television audience, undoubtedly looking to avenge their heart-breaking last minute loss in 2010.

Honestly 2-2 is far from the worst place this team could be but things look bleak if Monday night proves to be another debacle on a similar scale to the two that preceded it. Offensively, something has to give. The cupboard is barren as far as talent at the skill positions go and one can only hope that Tight End and Mark Sanchez’s favorite target, Dustin Keller is ready to go.

The Holmes-less receiving corps is going to have to step up in a big way against this aggressive Texans defense but I think the priority will probably be pass-protection and preventing the likes of J.J. Watt and crew from putting Sanchez in the turf. It all starts up front and that also means getting some sort of push and opening up holes for the running game and trusting the backs to be able to find and hit those holes when they do come open. If all of this goes right, then it’s Sanchez’s game to lose, no excuses.

All of this means nothing if Tony Sparano doesn’t get his act together because it appears that he doesn’t have a handle on how to properly use either of his quarterbacks. Sanchez is at his best when he is on the move, on designed roll-outs and bootlegs on the other hand Tebow is best with either a clipboard in his hand or lined up as fullback, the guy is a tank let him hit someone and open up some running lanes.

Now let’s flip to the most disappointing side of the ball, the defense that apparently doesn’t know how to tackle, seal the edge, or put pressure on the quarterback. I’m looking directly at the outside linebackers on this one, they need to be able to get to and seal the edges, especially against a zone blocking team like the Texans and if/when they are able to do that need to be able to wrap up and actually, you know, tackle.

The defensive line is far from exempt from criticism as the immense size and depth along that front has not translated into much as far as pass-rushing. Again, I’m going to point to the choices with personnel groupings, there needs to be a balance between bulk and athleticism, a line of Coples, Wilkerson, and Pouha wouldn’t be too shabby if you ask me. The Texans don’t really have any big receiving threats you need to worry about aside from Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels so the pressure comes down on the self-proclaimed, second-best corner in the league and second-best (now best) receiver on the team, Antonio Cromartie.

This week and every week moving forward it’s going to take all hands on deck to turn this thing around and it starts Monday night, for better or for worse.

If you guys want to point anyone out I missed who needs to get off the Schneid, or give your predictions for who is going to get off the Schneid this week feel free to do so in the comments.


I'm not a Freeman fan, but he is better than Painter. Maybe Nassib is showing some signs of life

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

So much for all that Josh Freeman might push Eli talk.

Richard George Novotny III
Richard George Novotny III

@mcfly All words out of Jints camp (That I've read) is that he's been far from impressive. I'll bet the Giants keep him, give him one more year. 

But otherwise he appears to be a bust.