Polian: 2013 Class is Deep at OL, LB & S

It’s always good to know how current and former talent evaluators size up the draft class, and Bill Polian told WEEI’s Chris Price that this draft is extremely deep for teams looking add talent at three key positions: offensive line, linebacker and safety.

“This draft is a draft that I think is pretty good on the offensive line — I mean, throughout. Not just the first round. It’s pretty good on the offensive line,” said the former Colts GM at the scouting combine on Saturday afternoon. “I think there are some pretty good linebackers. I think there are some really good safeties. You probably would lean toward defense if you drew a line and said which side of the line this draft is heaviest on.”

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

It’s good to hear his perspective on that and I would agree that offensive line in particular is very deep — a good thing considering the Jets could be faced with finding two new starters this season.  While the tackles up top are excellent, the guards in particular are very strong and the type of player that could be available at the top of round four could easily be a starter for the Jets in 2013 if needed.  The Jets might have Josh Bush and Antonio Allen waiting in the wings, but without any other safeties, the team is going to reload for depth there even assuming both of those guys become starters … which isn’t likely.

Linebackers of course is the area where the Jets are also painfully in need of help.  With two OLB spots open, the Jets are going to have to draft some players there, and while the Jets might want to see if some of their depth players can elevate their game, they’re still going to draft some players there and with Wilkerson and Coples able to provide interior pressure, it’s going to ratchet up the production of whatever rookie they find to play outside … so it’s key that whoever they draft can defend the run and get after the passer.

So in the three areas where the Jets seem to have at least two open competitions at starter, it’s also three areas where the draft class matches their needs well.