Reading the Tea Leaves

In his Sunday column, Rich Cimini writes that the Jets will keep a close eye at the quarterbacks at the Combine, but that this class presents a real set of dilemmas for New York.

This separates the good scouting departments from the mediocre ones. There’s no Andrew Luck here, but you can bet that starters will emerge from this draft. The pressure is on the evaluators to dig deep and determine if there’s enough talent behind the flaws of each prospect. Sometimes there’s an explanation. For instance: Glennon is criticized for having completed only 59 percent of his passes last season, but he was victimized by 46 drops, according to I expect the Jets to draft a quarterback at some point. Will they get it right? We’ll see.

Brian Bassett,

As I’ve written before, I have almost no faith in the Jets abilities to find quarterback talent in the draft.  A quick look at their last ten years at the spot is all I need to look at to know how effective they’ve been at drafting quarterbacks … not very.

Still, there has to be some hope.  The rumor was that last year Russell Wilson was called Russell Bradway around Florham Park as a joke because the longtime Jet personnel evaluator never stopped talking about him.  There might be people who can find talented quarterbacks, but it’s not been able to bubble up to the decision-makers.  Can that trend change now?  I sure hope so …