The GM Search Begins …

Brian Bassett ,

The Jets have already reached out to a few candidates as far as we know.  Here’s a list of some suspects that the Jets might consider interviewing for the current GM opening.

tom_gambleTom Gamble — The current director of player personnel in San Francisco has become a hot candidate and the Jets have reached out to Gamble and while he might have the pedigree and talent to be a great addition for the Jets, Gamble is not expected to take the Jets offer very seriously if he need retain coach Rex Ryan.  Still, when some of his other options are teams like the Jaguars …
Status — Requested interview
Wild Guess — It would take a HUGE sales job

marcrossMarc Ross — He’s the current head of college scouting for the Giants and a hot candidate this year.  Many have started talking about him in relation to the Jets.  Ross is a guy the Jets have reached out to the Giants for … but watch out for the Panthers, as Ernie Accorsi is guiding their search.  Local hot up and coming candidates are always high on the list when they shine with the Giants … Steve Spagnuolo comes to mind recently.   Ross has done a good job lining up the talent for his bosses with the Giants and could help the Jets focus their efforts in building through the draft over the next few years — a necessity with the contracts that are in place already.
Status — Requested interview
Wild Guess — It’s a possibility

Bill Polian — Polian has made it clear he’s not interested in New York or the constraints he’d have to work under.  Also, he wouldn’t have a first overall pick and a clear shot at drafting the next Peyton Manning …
Status — Not Interested
Wild Guess — Not happening

Tom Heckert — Heckert was fired by the Browns and he’s done a good job with early and late draft picks alike in Cleveland.  Heckert was forced out with the Joe Banner addition to the team, but Heckert has a long history in the league and is a quality candidate wherever he might end up.
Status — Not known
Wild Guess — Unsure

Mike Maccagan — The Houston Texans head of personnel is a likely candidate for the Jets and he builds a type of team that Rex Ryan could use a little more of … motor guys.  Players like Watt, Cushing, Brooks Reed, Connor Barwin are all players that seem to fit a bit of a different mold than Rex has looked for during his time with the Jets.
Status — Unknown
Wild Guess — Unsure

Joey Clinkscales — Clinkscales is now working for the Raiders and has been a candidate in Miami and Saint Louis when those programs were rebuilding.  As of yet, Clink has never gotten his chance to run an organization, but has promise enough and the personnel evaluation piece the Jets are looking for.  He would be familiar with the organization and the ownership, and his new authority would make him the one calling the shots not lining them up for others on draft day.
Status — Unknown
Wild Guess — A possibility