Watch: Jets Post Game Live covers New York’s win over Oakland

Eddy Lopez
Eddy Lopez

I might be one of the few and might also get bashed but I want the Jets to lose the rest of the games I know not on purpose, but I do want to have a better draft spot for next yr. 

Get some more Wr for Geno like Devonte Adams from Fresno St kid is a beast look if Mike Evans is not there when we pick.

i'am happy that we beat the Raiders I live in Socal so talking that trash was great.

P.S what happend to Disques and all this new format we getting use to something and they switch it on us geeeez.


Nice win.  Random thoughts from section 217:

1. Play calling excellent.  Finally ran a screen. Yes!

2. Geno started wild; calmed down and looked good; having Holmes and Kerley clearly key

3.  AA is a keeper.

4.  ivory a beast!

5. Cold as a witches tit today

6. Milliner smothered his man; great game for him

7.  Winters played OK with hurry up offense

8. No huddle offense worked

9.  Harris played his best game in a long time

10. New guy on punt and KO's OK; in stands, everyone rooting for # 24 Revis on kicks

11. MM still a key acquisition like we thought earlier

12. Stadium 2/3 full but loud

13. Winslow a plus

14. OL and Chad Pennington did the coin toss;  nice

15. Davis on D looked great

16.  Reed gets the INT.  Nice!

17.  Go Jets!


@Eddy Lopez If you're not completely out of it and tanking for a top-5 pick to draft a franchise QB, I will never understand this. 

The Jets are now 14th. If they lost yesterday they'd be, at worst, 10th (they entered picking 11th). 

Is that "slide" in the draft going to make-or-break the season in 2014? No, of course not. You will find good players in the first round no matter where you pick, for example: Mark Sanchez and Muhammad Wilkerson.


losing the next three games is not going to significantly improve our pick.

Pat d
Pat d

How about Carr from Fresno.

Eddy Lopez
Eddy Lopez

@jaygo did they say how many fans attended the game just curious?