Behind Enemy Lines: Five Questions for a Niners Blogger

Chad Erickson from was kind enough to ask us some questions about the Jets, and in turn, we asked him some about the Niners.

Q: Mike Singletary has been in the news some since taking over the Niners. Who is running this team next year?

A: I’ll go with Singletary being back fulltime next season. Main reason is not sure if ownership wants to go through another head coaching search. Keeping Singletary keeps some continuity. Only thing that isn’t in Singletary’s favor is he is not an X’s and O’s guy. Looking back since Nolan first came on board the main weakness has on offense. Five OC’s in five years, and who knows what will happen with Martz, they could be looking at Six. So they may just go out and find an offensive minded guy and not worry about the OC coaching carousel.

Q: Injuries have been a problem for the Niners this year. Can you highlight some of the ones that have hampered the Niners the most over the course of the season?

A: They have been somewhat fortunate that the injuries have not been on their key players. I would say the one that hurts the most as a fan has been that of rookie Josh Morgan. He has shown a lot of promise, but he can’t seem to stay healthy long enough to put together good games. Since everyone knows the receiving corps isn’t all that great Morgan and Jason Hill seem to be the future and I’d love for them to get as much action as they can. One injury that will hurt against the Jets, is latest reports are that corner Nate Clements is unlikely to play. (fingers crossed)

Q: Have you enjoyed watching Patrick Willis’ progress? What is it about him that makes him such a fantastic linebacker?

A: The best thing is the way he flies to the ball carrier. The guy is so fast and when he gets to make a play on the ball carrier I can’t recall him every really blowing a tackle. Aside from that he starting to cover really well. I believe he leads all LB’s in passes defensed. I only see him getting better and better.

Q: Name one player that Jets fans probably haven’t heard of, but who they will know by the end of the game Sunday night and why?

A: Well if Nate Clements is in fact out, I hope the name Jets fans remember by the end of the game is Tarell Brown. He has some problems coming out of Texas, which hurt his draft stock, but so far from what he has shown. He could be a real solid corner for the 49ers. But the one player that I would like to see have a big game, if he does infact play, is Josh Morgan. The kid can flat out play. Jason Hill is another one that might make some noise.

Q: What are some phases of the Niners game that could be trouble for the Jets?

A: It has to be the running game. This team relies heavily on Frank Gore and shutting him down, shuts the 49ers down. Shaun Hill is doing a solid job at QB, but without the support of Frank, he can only get away with so much. Not to much to worry about on the defensive side. They have no pass rush, so we have to hope Favre throws lots of picks, but of course throughout his career his has owned the 49ers, so we’ll see.