Final Score: Texans 23 – Jets 17

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The thought that the Jets would give the Texans a run for their money seemed preposterous to many pundits heading into the game.  Still, the Jets showed up in response to their loss against the Niners and fared much better, even in defeat.

The Rundown
Arian Foster was too much for the Jets.  He ran the ball well all night, amassing yards in chunks and running for more than 130 yards on 20+ carries.  The Jets could not find a way to shut him down in the first and fourth quarters specifically.

Mark Sanchez had his second bad turnover right before the half in the past two weeks.  This week a tipped ball by JJ Watt was returned by a Texans defensive back for a long return which turned into three points, but which was a six point swing for the Jets.  Sanchez threw for yet another sub 50% completion game.

Cromartie came up with a huge interception of Matt Schaub during the first half.  It was only Matt Schaub’s second interception of the season and on the whole, Cromartie had a great game against the Texans and Andre Johnson in particular, who was held to just one catch for most of the game.

The Wildcat saw a little more consistency, with the team leaving it on the field for successive plays more of the time and with Tebow getting a few nice runs during the game, most notably one that extended a drive in the fourth quarter and led to a field goal.

The Jets struggled with their substitutions on offense and defense during the night, getting out of the huddle late, burning a few timeouts and even getting some penalties like the twelve men on the field penalty in the late fourth quarter.  The Jets have to pick up the pace, with or without substitutions.

The receivers stepped up.  While a number of the Jets normal starters at receivers weren’t up for the game, credit to Kerley, Hill, Cumberland and the rest for playing as well as they did.

McKnight’s kick return for a touchdown was a great play and kept the Jets hopes alive deep into the fourth quarter.

Brian Bassett,

While the loss was disappointing, it was bearable in that the Jets at least took the Texans to the final whistle.  Last week it was all about how the Jets lost, while they didn’t get out of the loss column against a very tough Texans team, they showed some promise to keep hope alive for at least another week.

Seeing some of the younger players step up was huge.  Still,  the Jets have many problems to address when it comes to their ability to run the ball and defend the run successfully, not to mention secure the football on offense.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

I love what Rolle said about Hill.  That the kind of quote you get out of a team captain.  No matter how good a player you are, if you can't keep yourself on the field, especially for reasons you can control (non-injury), you're useless.

Even if you're on the "Weed should be Legal" side of the argument, as of right now, it's still a banned substance in the NFL.  Eventually, you have to put on your "big boy pants" and make a life decision.

Like I said in an earlier post about the Hill situation, the choice is to either smoke weed or be an NFL player.  Hill decided to smoke weed, so he is no longer an NFL player.