Training Camp Fan of the Day: Scott Wunderlich


Name: Scott Wunderlich
Age: 39
Years a Fan: My whole life. My grandfather took me to Shea.
Years Attending Camp: First time in Cortland.
From: Carmel, NY
Favorite Memory: Beating the Patriots in the playoffs.
Favorite Current Player: Wilkerson
Expectations This Season: Wild Card, 10-6. It’s all about Geno Smith and having a good defense. Need Geno to progress.

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This cat might not be the most prolific and publicized Jets fan, but he is fan, and that deserves a shout out! Scott, this bud is for you amigo,  get ready to enjoy one hell of of a great Jets season!

Lloyd Jay Reife
Lloyd Jay Reife


I'm sure he's grateful of not being the second coming of Fireman Ed.   The latter was guilty only of being too passionate.