Breaking: Jets Claim Three, MTV and Ganaway Claimed, Allen, Epps and Dixon Waived

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We’ll update if the Jets make any more moves, but here’s the results from Mike Tannenbaum’s annual “mini-draft” so far…

The Jets have reportedly claimed three players:

1. Isaako Aaitui, a nose tackle from the Dolphins was claimed by the Jets. Aaitui was with the Dolphins last year but did not see action. He had one sack in preseason.

2. Konrad Reuland, a tight end from the 49ers was also claimed. He became expendable when the 49ers converted defensive tackle Demarcus Dobbs to tight end during preseason and is another second year player, but – while he has size and promise – has been considered more of a pass catcher than a blocker.

3. Clyde Gates, a wide receiver from the Dolphins was the third player to be claimed. There was a lot of buzz about Gates after the 2011 season, but he failed to produce anything during the regular season and had a disappointing preseason this year. He has blazing speed, and is a deep threat that can return kicks.

It sounds like all of these will be added to the active roster, although in the past they have signed players for the practice squad once they’ve cleared waivers. Obviously three players will need to be removed from the roster to make room for these three. In fact, Dedrick Epps has reportedly already been waived.

In other news, Terrance Ganaway, who the Jets hoped to put on their practice squad, was claimed by the St. Louis Rams and Donnie Fletcher, Ricky Sapp and Hayden Smith have been confirmed as being added to the practice squad.

UPDATE 2pm ET: Martin Tevaseu was reportedly claimed by the Colts

UPDATE 2:15pm ET: According to a tweet from his agent, Marcus Dixon – a key contributor on the defensive line last season – has surprisingly been released.

UPDATE 3:30pm ET: In another surprise, the third and final cut has been reported as Antonio Allen by Jenny Vrentas on twitter.

More analysis will of course follow once the dust settles.


You guys should just go to talkingknicks with everyone else (yes, around 80-100 posters from here). You have good thoughts and it sucks that it's wasted here without discussion.

Read the article here and then discuss over there. That's what I do. all we get are giants posts here and maybe 1 comment. Seems under serving

TalkingKnicks com


@tkbjimbo yeah yeah yeah, I've read that blog, no panacea bro.  10 people who having an inside conversation with each other commenting 5000 times each on the same stuff.  Not that interesting either, just more volume. 


You write: "The game ended with some discord. Knicks coach Derek Fisher called a timeout with 1.3 seconds left. The Wizards responded with a Rasual Butler dunk, which earned pizza for the Verizon Center fans."

Did you watch the game?  You got the series of events backwards!  Here's how it went.  

With seconds to go in the game the Wizards up by 12 points could have dribbled the ball and run out the clock, instead they bulled to the basket trying to break 100 points so the fans could get free pizza.   Butler threw down an in-your-face dunk on the Knicks.  Making the score 101-87 points insuring the Wizards fans would get free  pizza, but thought nothing of sportsmanship in the NBA.

Fisher called timeout and used it to to draw up a play, practice execution with his young team.  The Wiz crowd was angry at Fisher because he made them wait an additional minute until they could have some crappy free Pizza. Like after paying $500 a ticket you need free pizza? 

"Eat This Wizards and Fans!"  We will remember this next year.  And to the blog-keepers,  you might want to watch the game (as painful as it was) or at least the last minute before you report on it.  


@rico I admit to not having seen the end of the game last night, but all of a sudden Fisher is now taking exception to the other team showing up his players in games?  C'mon Derek.  It's been happening all season.

I've never liked these kind of promotions anyway.  You're right: with the cost of tickets these games, why do we need free pizza?  Remember years ago when the Knicks had a promotion at MSG where if they could prevent the other team from scoring a certain number of points in a game, the fans would win free food?  I believe that was during the Riley years.  I have a memory of attending a game once with that scenario where Knick players were diving all over the floor during the final seconds to prevent the other team from getting off a shot.  Given the obvious risk of injury, that seemed like a bad idea at the time.  lol


@1harris1 @rico Derek did the right thing.

I don't know what Fisher will be as a future Coach, I suspect he'll be a decent one one day. One thing I like is that even in a loss he used the clock and the whole game to ready his team for last minute plays.  The same way he wants his team to play every minute of the game.  Remember last year when the Knicks consistently got brain-freeze when at the end of games and lost?  I believe Beno, Bargs and Jr will repeat violators...well, Fish is teaching where and when he can and not throwing in the towel.  No objection to that.

And then the Pizza promo,  well, the Wiz fans can wait 1 extra minute for their free slice of frozen pizza while the Knicks don't run out the clock. I mean the Wizards didn't run out the clock why should Fish and the Knicks?  Heck the Knicks fought until the end so give them some props for not being quitters? As a matter of fact I think if the Knicks had two more minutes they might have come back, they were rolling.  

That all said there is no way the bloggers here should get the cause & effect of that very minor controversy absolutely wrong.  I mean this is NY, the #1 market in the USA.  If the sportswriters can't get their facts straight here then I just don't know....


@jeandd323 @rico @1harris1 doesn't work like that, unless it;s the children of the owners of Knicks blog these folks are phoning it in.

It's a lot easier to write a blog when things are not going well because there is so much to criticize, analyze and discuss.  When things are good people just sit back and enjoy.