Justification for Chunk Plays

Reading up on former Olympic sprinter and Florida Gator Jeff Demps, I came across this article from the New York Times from 2008 by Jere Longman (yes, the same writer as one who wrote the Lolo Jones article) that talked about how small and fast players are changing football and which uses an intriguing set of numbers to justify Sparano’s offensive philosophy … and hopefully will work for the Jets.

A team has only a 20 percent chance of scoring on a drive with no plays beyond 15 yards, [Florida Coach Urban] Meyer has calculated. One play of 15 or more yards increases the chances to 50 percent. Two plays raise the chance to 80 percent. The fastest players are the ones most likely to make the biggest plays. So Meyer gets them the ball as frequently and creatively as possible.

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

It’s different terminology, but what Meyer outlined above is the essence of Tony Sparano’s ‘chunk plays’ offense is.  Yes, getting first downs is important, but to score it’s just as or more important to pick up some serious yardage in a single play.  I’ve never seen the statistics behind it that Meyer puts forth, but is kind of cool to see it represented that way.